Plarn Bag

Hurrah - my first FO since this blog started! This was my first go at a plarn ("plastic yarn") bag and it took 17 medium/large carrier bags to complete. I cut each carrier bag into strips roughly 2cm wide. I can't believe how much one carrier bag compresses down when you crochet with it!

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HedgeWytch said...

That's fab, and such a good way of recycling plastic bags! I'm guessing it's pretty strong too?

madamejeanette said...

I really like the result!
Now, what took you more time? The crocheting or cutting up the bags?

minstrelcat said...

The cutting up was quick - I used the method I found on the interweb somewhere where you end up with one long strip from each bag, pretty easy to do.

The bag seems strong, but I thing it might stretch a bit if I put anything too heavy in it. I'm going to use it as a bag to keep my latest crochet project in!

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